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HP ProBook 4520s charger

Par applebattery, 22/11/2012 à 13:38

There are not many options available when looking for a matte 17.3 inch size screen. This is exactly where HP positions its ProBook 4740s. Dell's Vostro 3750 also plays in this league, but starts at a lower price. Notebooks such as Toshiba's Satellite Pro C870 or Acer's TravelMate 7750 also sport a matte and large screen. However, they cannot compete with the ProBook's workmanship and keyboard. The TravelMate P range does not yet feature a 17 inch model. HP 484170-001

The design has not changed much compared with the precursor. The ProBook 4740s has only been given a minor face lift. For example, it now features rounded edges that let it look slimmer in contrast to last year's model that still looked a lot bulkier. This fortunately does not affect the casing's stability. It still convinces with a high torsional stiffness. The choice of materials has not been revised either. Thus, the main materials remain to be plastic and brushed aluminum. The 17 inch laptop weighs 3070 grams, which makes clear that portability is not primary here. HP 484171-001

We also discovered a few drawbacks on the casing. The wrist rest dents easily, though only marginally. Moreover, the casing creaks when pressure is applied on the keyboard's left. Furthermore, the keyboard tray can be pushed down a few millimeters without having to remove a screw. The speaker's grille on our test device is also not properly glued and lifts in some places. However, it can easily be pressed into place again. HP HSTNN-LB42

The display lid is made of brushed aluminum and is rigid enough to protect the screen. Two massive-looking hinges keep the screen in place. They are however only plastic. Nevertheless, opening the lid is possible using only one hand. But a slight teetering has to be accepted in return. HP 446507-001

At first glance, nothing has changed in connectivity or positioning compared with the 4730s. But when looking closer you will not find the ExpressCard/34 slot that, for example, enabled adding interfaces. Also, the two USB ports on the left now support the USB 3.0 standard. The SuperSpeed logo beside the ports refers to this. The card reader is on the front and supports SD, MMC and MemoryStick Pro cards. HP KS524AA

Beyond that, the ports on the left have been moved a bit more to the front. We already criticized the port placement in the precursor and thus are not happy with it in the latest model. Positioning the audio ports at the sides would also have been more convenient for connecting external speakers. HP Pavilion dv6 Battery

The communication equipment is up-to-date and hardly leaves anything to be desired. Internet can be accessed via Atheros's AR9485WB-EG Wireless Network Adapter, which supports the 802.11 a/b/n standards. The network can also be accessed using an Ethernet connection should a wireless router not be available. Realtek's PCIe GBE Family Controller enables transmission speeds of up to 1000 Mbit/s. Atheros' AR3012 module provides the energy-efficient Bluetooth version 4.0 for data sharing with other mobile devices. Hp Pavilion dv6t Battery

HP's DriveGuard protects the user against data loss when the laptop is dropped by momentarily stopping the disk's read heads. The device also sports a Kensington lock to protect it against theft. A fingerprint reader is optionally available but is not part of our test configuration. HP Pavilion dv6t-1000 charger

Apart from the most necessary accessories such as the battery and PSU, merely a bit of printed information, for example a quick start guide, is included in scope of delivery. The user is responsible for creating a recovery medium and is also prompted to do so after a few days. HP Pavilion dv6t-1100 batteries

HP solves maintenance exemplary and does not use any screws. Merely two sliders on the laptop's bottom have to be moved. Pushing the slider to the center position only releases the battery lock. However, both the battery as well as the maintenance cover can be removed when the slider is pushed to the stop. It is possible to access the working memory, Wi-Fi module and hard disk underneath the maintenance cover. Moreover, a part of the cooling system can also be accessed for removing dust and grime. HP Pavilion dv6z Battery

The standard warranty on HP's ProBook is 12 months and includes pick-up and return service. It is possible to upgrade the warranty to a period of 5 years for just under EUR 200. A one-year warranty upgrade adds EUR 45 to the purchase price. HP G62 charger

The 15.3 mm square keys are a bit small for a 17 inch laptop. Even a 13 inch subnotebook, e.g. Lenovo's ThinkPad Edge E330, features larger keys but not a number pad. If you are used to larger keys, you will experience difficulties with the ProBook's keys at the beginning and make several typos. The up and down arrow keys were also noticed adversely because they are too small and tightly spaced. In return, the key drop and pressure point are quite satisfactory and the typing noise does not need to be reproached. The laptop's wedge-shape is also positive because it leads to an agreeable typing position. HP G62T batteries

The 100 x 56 mm touchpad has been marginally lowered into the wrist rest to create a better delimitation to the wrist rest. It features a sleek surface like its precursor. We nevertheless did not experience problems with input detection. It is also possible to navigate over the touchpad using two fingers as well as perform scroll and zoom due to multi-touch gestures. Also, the touchpad can be disabled to prevent accidental inputs while typing by double-tapping the upper left corner. The key below the touch surface sports an agreeable size, clicks quietly and the key drop is well-chosen. However, the trackpoint known from the expensive EliteBook is not available for the ProBook range. HP G72 Battery

The 17.3 inch screen comes from LG (model: LP173WC1-TLD3) and is AR-coated. The screen's matte surface is a rather seldom thing in this size and price range. Screens using the cheaper TN film technology and white LED backlight are more common. HP Envy 17 batteries

A resolution of at least 1600 x 900 should be the minimum standard for a 17 inch device and does not surprise us. The illumination of 92% is compelling and does not exhibit brightness irregularities even on monochrome content. The average brightness of 216 cd/m² does not excel that of a standard screen and it is also available on battery power. HP ProBook 4510s charger

The contrast of 505:1 is decent and lets colors look more vivid than on standard screens with a contrast below 200:1. The relating black value of 0.44 cd/m² is also good and provides a more saturated black that is especially pleasing in dark movie scenes. HP ProBook 5220m Battery

The test device's color gamut already clearly fails the sRGB color space and is consequently very remote from the Adobe RGB color spectrum. However, this was to be expected in this price range. Professional graphic designers are well-advised to look at higher priced 17 inch laptops. In return, normal users should not experience any significant advantages or disadvantages with that. Compaq presario b3800 batteries

The laptop is not suitable for outdoor use in bright sunlight despite its low-reflection screen because the rather low maximum brightness ruins any plans in this direction. Although the screen remains well-readable in direct sunlight owing to the good contrast, it is strenuous and fatiguing in the long run. Indoor use and shady places should not cause problems. HP EliteBook 2560p Battery

The horizontal viewing angles are quite decent for a TN screen. It is even possible for three people to look at pictures almost without contrast loss. The vertical viewing angles are similar to those of other TN screens. The black value and contrast decrease visibly when looking up on the screen. In return, the colors invert massively when the screen is tilted toward the back and even text becomes illegible. HP ProBook 4520s charger

HP only offers few configurations in Germany. The Ivy Bridge Core i5 3210M and Sandy Bridge i5 2450M, both with a clock speed of 2.5 GHz, are currently available. All configurations sport AMD's Radeon HD 7650M graphics card, but either with a 1024 or 2048 MB VRAM. The hard disk equipment ranges from 500 to 750 GB and the volatile memory is designed with 4 GB. HP Compaq nc6400 batteries


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